Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hanging Out

Hey darlings,

On this lovely Saturday, I have absolutely nothing to do. For the past three months, every single weekend I have something planned, not always exciting but I have something to do. But now the day I have free, every single other person is busy. Busy, busy, busy hanging out with friends. And I'm stuck blogging to you lovely people at my Grandparent's house while my mom is helping take some things to storage with my Grandpa and my Grandma is choosing through her vast wardrobe of what to wear to a fancy dinner party. I have absolutely nothing fun planned, I had plans but it doesn't look like its gonna happen. So let me just say that my life socially on the weekend is horrible since I've been busy on the weekends since the end of February with ballets, dance competitions, plays etc. People have been tried to hang out with me but I was always busy so they just plain gave up and have plans with other people. This is the hard life of being in the arts. I have friends in the arts, but I still want to see people outside of the arts too. The arts take up so much of your time, and I lose so many of my friends that don't sing, act or dance. I have one friend who I've known since I was born and she's just a few years older than me. She always says we need to hang out, but everytime I ask, she's out driving with her friends and guys and parties and living the high school life. She says we need to hang out every day this summer, but I think that it will happen maybe once or twice. I always hang out with older people and thats my problem. They grow up, and even though I think I'm more mature than them they leave me in the dirt because they can drive and go out places without parental supervision and all that awesome stuff. I don't think my mom would let me walk in the safest park in the area alone. But whatever I just have to keep my head and find new friends. I have other friends that I have grown out of and I did something really mean that they don't know about and I feel guilty. I didn't do something like share a deep dark secret or pull a mean prank or talk behind their back or anything. I told them I was sick and I couldn't make it, but really I was with another friend, even though this plan was made way ahead in advance! I don't think I could make myself look that person in the eye and say I was sick. I never like hurting anyone's feelings and I never meant to. But at the moment, hanging out with the other friend looked very tempting and I gave in. I just need to learn that other people have feelings and that lying is never a good thing. You feel terrible about it and are mad at yourself and can never look at that person the same. I feel like I've lost a friend even though that friend doesn't even know about it. I guess I'm being over dramatic.


Dorothy Dimples

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