Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some places I'm big, some I'm small

Hello darlings,

I had a bad experience at dance today. It wasn't good. I was basically told I was being replaced. I won't go into too much detail but this situation leads into something. With my friends, and at the local community theater, people know as a talkative, funny person. I have a strong will and state my opinion. But I'm still confused why I go to dance and get all small and have a hard time making friends. My insanity lowers and I turn into one of them........the Normals. Now, I wouldn't exactly call myself hipster when it comes to music, clothes or what I do, but when it comes to the way I act (which is quite loud and obnoxious) I am definitely not mainstream. The Normals are the people who post pictures of themselves with friends with very little clothes on. They are the people who have low self esteem but come off as popular and with tons of friends. The Normals are the ones who have more friends in pictures than they actually do. All they want to do is fit in and the only way to stand out is how pretty you are or population of Normals around them. They never do anything embarrassing and anything crazy. Unlike me who starts her own musical in the middle of a grocery store. I have seen many of my friends drift into the dark and lonely place of the Normals. The Normals always say in their captions on Instagram,

"We're dysfunctional."
"We're awkward."
But really they just say that because the definition of awkward is not showing off in little clothing or doing the "duckface" if I understand the meaning. Awkward is not posting pictures of you and your friends constantly hanging out with boys. Hey I have absolutely no close guy friends what so ever. And I'm proud. I don't need tons of guys all over my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Gifboom etc.
I try to stop myself from being one of them at dance, and I don't totally turn into them I just loose my self esteem. But if they looked close enough, they could still see the inner crazy.
Love, Dorothy Dimples

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